Instructions to install the new Q. Home Core system - Q.Save and Q.Volt. 

Step 0: Before commissioning the Q.Home Core ESS, please complete the checklist below:
  1. Create installer account on Q.onnect - ( Video demo)
  2. Register the installation site on Q.onnect (Video demo)
  3. Does the site have internet? - If yes(internet commission):
    1. You can commission the system with a smartphone 
  4. Does the site have internet? - If no(Local commission):
    1. You'll need a SwitchDin droplet. (Router or WiFi extender also works, or anything with local AP)

Step 1: Install Q.Home Core, SwitchDin Droplet and Energy Meter
  1. Understand the normal operation of Q.Home Core under different scenarios - See attachment below   
  2. Before installing the Q.Home Core, please read through the manuals & Guides on Official Documents and prepare all required tools - QHome Support Manuals & Guides
  3. Follow the provided SwitchDin Droplet connection document to connect with the Q.Home Core - SwichDin to Q.HomeCore connection guide
  4. Follow the energy meter connection document to connect with the Q.Home Core - Energy Meter Connection EM530_EM540

Step 2: Commission the Q.Home Core and Energy Meter

Follow the Q.ommand-Go guideline to commission the Q.Home Core inverter and energy meter (EM530 CT or EM540) - See attachment below    

Method 2 - commission Q.Home Core and find/update the system locally via the laptop:  

(Note, you can locally update the FW version via the same setting too)

Please see below attachment - Q.HomeCore local commissioning via laptop_v2