Step 1: Commission the batteries (if 1 battery only, no commissioning required, skip this step)

Step 2: Commission the Energy Meter (either Carlo Gavazzi EM112/EM24/EM24 CT, see Quick Installation Guide under "Manuals" for more info ). Make sure you choose the correct meter type under inverter settings. 

VIA Local Inverter Settings Page (SIM manager)

Method A: Connect on the same network, use the assigned IP address and access port 8000. E.g. 

Method B: Connect to laptop using an ethernet cable and connect the other end to LAN port on inverter (refer to Installation Video @8:31 or section 7 in Installation Manual)

SIM manager PW: sim0325

Choose the meter model.


VIA Online Monitoring Portal

If you see the meter icon then energy meter has been commissioned correctly.

Step 3: Connect to the internet (either via direct ethernet/WiFi repeater/SwitchDin). If you see the globe icon and IP address other than then it should be already connected to the internet.

If you see all three LED lights green and these three icons below then commissioning has been completed!

Having trouble? Try below videos or give us a call on 1800 QHOME 0 (1800 746 630)

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